"One Round Jack" (Carl Brisson) is a circus sideshow boxer whose streak of one-round knockouts ends when he faces a strapping Australian boxer.

The boxer (Ian Hunter) is actually the heavyweight boxing champion and offers the defeated Brisson a sparring position.

However, Hunter's interest doesn't lie with Brisson but his finance/wife (Lillian Hall Davis) which forces the two boxers to meet again in the ring to win the woman's heart.


Hitch's first original screenplay and first film for British International Pictures. The only film he directed where he was the sole writer.

Hitch was fond of terming "The Ring" as the second "real" Hitchcock picture.

At the film's premiere in 1927, an elaborate montage sequence received enthusiastic audience applause.

Hitch allegedly took Hunter out for a few "pints" prior to the final boxing sequence.