poster courtesy of 'Advertising Hitchcock' webpage SYNOPSIS

Jameson Thomas plays Farmer Sweetland, an old and lonely widower, who is seeking a new wife. He enlists the help of his housekeeper (Lillian Hall-Davies) to help him pick a wife from the local single women.

While he considers various women as possibilities, they all seem to reject him.

He finds out that his housekeeper is the reason why all his lady callers are refusing him. Does she hide some terrible secret or is it something else?


Director Eric Rohmer Claude Chabrol, one of the few present during the editing, said the most interesting thing in this film was the fascinating description of Welsh countryside.

When cinematographer Jack Cox fell ill, Hitch shot many of the scenes. He examined the "rushes" privately; unsure of his own skills.

As a gag, Hitch threw a "wrap party" for the cast & crew at a restaurant but hired a group of actors to play the incompetent and annoying wait staff that served them.