poster courtesy of 'Advertising Hitchcock' webpage SYNOPSIS

Brisson plays a poor fisherman who proposes to Anny Ondra but is refused by her father because of his financial status. He takes to the sea to seek his fortune abroad and entrusts best friend (Keen) to watch over her.

When Brisson's ship is wrecked and is thought to be dead, the two begin to date. When the "lost" sailor returns, Ondra agrees to marry him and gives birth to a child.

However, when the real father is revealed, the love triangle becomes exposed.


Hitchcock's final "true" silent film.

Based on a best selling novel.

The Cornish coast doubled for many of the "Isle of Man" locations.

Brisson played part in another "love triangle" in Hitchcock's "The Ring."

After its initial premiere, the film's producer held up the theatrical release until Hitch's next film, "Blackmail," was a box-office hit.