poster courtesy of 'Advertising Hitchcock' webpage SYNOPSIS

A woman, strangled by a raincoat belt, is found washed upon the beach. Unfortunately for Derrick de Marney (who discovers the body) he is accused by two witnesses who see him fleeing from the scene.

Though he claims his innocence, he is quickly arrested where he meets the police constable's daughter, Nova Pilbeam.

Accompanied by the skeptical Pilbeam, he escapes to the Cornish countryside where they begin the search for the true killer and the missing "raincoat."


Pinewood's largest sound stage was used for the long single shot (145 feet away to just 4 inches) of the twitching eyes of the murderer as he plays the drums in a band.

American version has a full ten minutes chopped from it.

Hitch makes his cameo appearance outside the courthouse holding a camera as de Marney makes his escape.

De Marney noted in an interview that Hitchcock used a stopwatch to time scenes.