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A sophisticated New York couple (Carole Lombard & Robert Montgomery) each find out separately that their marriage of three years was never legal, giving them the opportunity to be free once again.

Montgomery takes it fairly lightly but Lombard decides she doesn't want to be married to him again. While they start new lives apart, he is bent on winning her hand back. Things become even more complicated when his business partner becomes engaged to Lombard forcing him to extreme measures.


A rarity of a Hitchcock film: A screwball comedy with no murders or mystery.

One of Lombard's last films. She, her mother, and 20 others would die the following year in a plane crash outside Las Vegas, Nevada. She was 33.

Lombard was one of the highest paid actresses in show business at the time, reported to be making around $35,000/week and talked Hitchcock into directing 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith.'