poster courtesy of 'Advertising Hitchcock' webpage SYNOPSIS

Cary Grant is a handsome playboy, as well as, charming scoundrel who lives off borrowed money. He sweeps the shy but affluent Joan Fontaine off her feet and they are soon married.

While she first sees her new husband through rose-colored glasses, she begins to doubt her fairy tale romance as bits and pieces of his true character come to light.

When a good friend is believed to be murdered, her suspicions grow as she feels she might be his next victim.


Hitchcock had a light bulb hidden in the glass of milk (that Grant ascends the staircase with) to make it appear more sinister.

Nominations for Best Picture and Best Music. Fontaine won Best Actress Award.

Hitchcock originally wanted Grant to be guilty, but the studio insisted that the public wouldn't accept Grant as a murderer.

In the novel ("Before the Fact") Grant's character really is a murderer, and the glass of milk is indeed poisoned.