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Grant is a U.S. agent who persuades Bergman (daughter of a convicted Nazi spy) to implant herself into the household of a Nazi spy ring led by Claude Rains.

Bergman finds herself entangled in more than just espionage when she becomes gets involved with Grant, jeopardizing the mission.

Grant is pressured to keep the operation a secret but his relationship with Bergman creates a perilous situation, placing not only the mission, but her life in danger as well.


Known for having "the longest kiss in film history." Hitch circumvented the Hollywood code by interrupting the kiss every 3 seconds, but never once breaking Grant/ Bergman's embrace (lasting 3 minutes).

The famous "key" was taken as a momento by Bergman who, 33 years later, returned it to Hitchcock when he was honored in '79 with the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award.

Hitch claims he was under FBI surveillance because the film dealt with uranium.