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Cary Grant, former cat burglar, resides on the Riveria. When a new string of robberies occur, he tops the list of suspects.

To prove his innocence, he must resort to his old vocation to catch the real burglar in the act. To do that, he relies on the assistance of an American mother/ daughter couple vacationing in the resort.

The daughter, Grace Kelly, has her own idea who the real burglar is and puts the squeeze on Grant in trying to uncover his scheme.


Kelly's final role in a Hitch film. She would eventually marry Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Robert Burks won the Academy Award for Best Color Cinematography. Nominated for Best Art Direction & Best Costume Design.

Kelly died in an auto crash in 1982. Film shows her recklessly driving on a road much like the one she would perish on years later.

Hitch's famous cameo is a funny scene on a bus sitting next to Grant.