poster courtesy of 'Advertising Hitchcock' webpage SYNOPSIS

Henry Fonda stars as a devoted husband, father of two, and musician who works at "The Stork Club" - a posh NYC nightclub.

On an innocent trip to his insurance company, he is fingered as the man who recently committed a robbery there.

Despite his pleas of innocence, his whole life is turned upside down. When he finally gets out of jail, he discovers his long-suffering wife (Vera Miles) has had a complete breakdown and must be committed to an institution.


Based on the true story of Christopher Emmanuel Balestrero.

Hitchcock deliberately left out some of the information, pointing to Fonda's innocence, to help heighten the tension.

Tuesday Weld and Bonnie Franklin had small cameos as Fonda's giggling girls who answer the door in the tenement.

Hitch's "introduction" was his only speaking role in any of his features.