poster courtesy of 'Advertising Hitchcock' webpage SYNOPSIS

James Stewart is a former S.F. police detective who retires after developing a fear of heights when a colleague falls to his death. An old college chum then hires him to watch his wife, Kim Novak, who is said to obsessed with her great-grandmother's ghost.

Stewart finds himself falling madly in love with Novak, only to lose her when she falls to her death. Severely traumatized, he wanders aimlessly until he meets another woman whom he realizes bears more than just a striking resemblance to his ex-love.


Two cinema firsts: The 360* pan and the now infamous, 'dolly out/zoom in' tracking shot.

The view down the mission stair well cost $19,000 for just a couple of seconds of screen time.

San Juan Batista's bell tower doesn't exist. It was added with trick photography.

Hitchcock wanted Vera Miles to play the role of Madeleine, but she became pregnant and was unavailable.