poster courtesy of 'Advertising Hitchcock' webpage SYNOPSIS

Set in the Bay Area, Tippi Hedren pays a visit to male friend Rod Taylor in the sleepy bayside town near Bodega Bay. Her weekend get-away, however, is anything but that.

What appears, at first, as a series of freakish accidents, Hedren begins to suspect something is amiss with the bird population in the area.

Her suspicions come true when "the birds" launch a ferocious attack on the townspeople and they must scramble for their lives.


Hitchcock "discovered" lead actress Hedren in a diet drink commercial.

Film features 370 effects shots. The final shot is actually a composite of 32 separately filmed elements.

The final shot of the Golden Gate Bridge covered in birds was scraped due to the cost.

While many of the on-screen birds were "animated," real birds were used and Hedren was cut in the face by one during a scene.