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Tippi Hedren is a woman who is hiding from her past. She floats from town to town, in different identities, robbing her employers.

When she robs her latest employer, Sean Connery, her life of crime comes to an abrupt halt. Instead of turning her over to the authorities, Connery forces her to marry him.

While jail is hardly the perfect escape for Hedren, a life attached to a man (any man) is utter hell for the kleptomaniac. Before both their lives are ruined, Connery must defeat the hidden demon within her or all is lost.


Hitchcock and Hedren had a major falling out during the filming and by the end he directed her through intermediaries.

Hitch wanted Grace Kelly to make her screen comeback in the title role, but the people of Monaco were not happy with the idea of their princess playing a compulsive thief.

Production was delayed as JFK was slain days before shooting was to begin.

A critical and box office failure when first released in 1964.