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This "1994 Fantastic Trailer" page is a supplement to the much larger The Fantastic Four-Gotten webpage by Terrence J. Brady.

Before anyone was aware that this film was never to be theatrically released, various publicity had taken place to promote the film. One such instance was the inclusion of the film's trailer on another Roger Corman production; Carnosaur. The trailer, slightly over a minute, features some of the cleanest images available and has become a true collector's item for fans of this film.

Copies of this film are usually available on eBay though one must be aware that "Carnosaur" had two video releases. The original (back in 1994) and then a re-release in 2001. This later release doesn't include the FF trailer and this is the one that most on-line merchants sell. Below are stills ripped from the trailer. To enlarge the image, just click on it. As nice as these images might be, they do not do the trailer justice. If you can find locate a copy of the earlier "Carnosaur" release, grab it before its too late.

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