Heat wave indeed! If you live anywhere in the lower 48 states, you're probably suffering through the same humidity. Gets real tough to write when the temp is in the triple digits.

Anyhow...you've probably seen various scenes mentioned here and might be thinking how it all gels together. Simple question and I have a simpler answer.

The narrative line.

Any type of screenplay is held together by a narrative line. It's the primary foundation on which all scenes are built upon and around. It's the core of the script. It's what makes the big clock tick.

The narrative line for BLIND JUSTICE? Matt's attempt to find lost love. Or the basic of basics: "Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, etc." It's a love story, I have to admit. It's all about the desperate measures a man goes to when once loved and then seeks out answers when love is lost.

Never lose sight of the narrative line. It's the glue which holds all the pieces together. So what about subplots? Plenty of them. Each main character has his or her own agenda:

  • Elektra: Retribution
  • Bullseye: Revenge
  • Kingpin: Domination
It's when you add various levels to each characters' agenda that you create your subplots. These subplots make the characters multi-dimensional and provide filler for the main story. Note though: no matter how many sub-plots, no matter how many scenarios in the works, no matter how many characters, BLIND JUSTICE will always be about a man, a woman, and the bond they once shared.

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