Well today is the BIG day. No, not for the script; it's my birthday. Wanted to give everyone a quick review of the third draft before I go off and...oh, actually...I have no plans. Anyway---

As always, I never think the script is up to par and then I read it through and I'm like: "Hmmm, that's not bad at all." Of course, I'm slightly biased.

The page count stands at 120. I had to 86 the taxi chase scene between DD and Bullseye. I'm not happy with the scenes between DD & Fisk or DD & Vanessa. Have to add more meat to both. I'm also not pleased with how many loose ends I have dangling around. I need to tie them up quickly.

I am pleased with the overall pacing. There's definitely some nuggets of gold in there. I'll be focusing (like I said last time) on individual scenes. Have to go rent "Marnie," to get some ideas for Bullseye's delusions of the color red. I love how the end scene comes out with Bullseye thinking he's George Bailey ala "It's A Wonderful Life."

There is 2 or 3 minor transitional scenes which I might ax. Not sure as of yet. Turk and Grotto (2 mob flunkies) are two characters whom already have their own "voice." They really add some color to the scenes they're in. I'll have to post up a page of their interaction sometime later in the week.

On to draft #4....

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