May 3, 1998

Welcome to the journal pages of BLIND JUSTICE.

It is my intention to allow you, the viewer, a unique POV of a screenplay in progress. I will be posting various information to each journal as to exactly what it is I (the writer) am thinking as I develop this script.

Some entries will be more thought out than others, some contain more information, and some might just be spurts of anxiety. Who knows. I don't even know what this will end up looking like.

While I'll be divulging various elements of plot, character, etc., there will be no *spoiler warnings* as there will be no spoilers. Certain plot twists or the likes will not be revealed here in the journals as I do not want to compromise the script. Sorry.

When the script is complete, polished, and ready for the world to see, I will post it here. Like I said earlier, I welcome all responses as to what's developing. So feel free to throw in your 2 cents.