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February 17, 2000

Well, the big news is the much anticipated X-Men trailer was finally broadcast Wednesday (Feb 16) on Entertainment Tonight and E! News. If you missed it, don't be alarmed. Go to this URL where you can download the trailer in its entirety. It's fairly large file so it will take some time. You will also need QuickTime to view the trailer. If you don't, there's a link on the page where you can download the software.

trailer trailer trailer
trailer trailer trailer

Harry Knowles' site has stated that Sony has finally decided on a writer/director for the Daredevil Project. It appears Mark Steven Johnson might be the man to bring ol' horn head to the big screen after all. Johnson has been mentioned in the past for directorial chores though the rumor mill had also included Chris Columbus, Steve Norrington, and even Kevin Smith. At this moment, nothing "official" has been mentioned so take the above with a grain of salt until more info is released.

On a side note, this webmaster has been in touch with Avid Arad, as well as, the offices of LA-based Marvel film exec, Matt Edelman and the offices of Mark Steven Johnson, regarding the Daredevil script. While the official DD film is still in limbo, an agent has spoken with the Marvel office in regards to my DD spec, BLIND JUSTICE, and has sent a similar script for their review (due to certain legalities, their office cannot read BJ). If you would like to read BJ please go here.

Rob Allstetter had a nice piece on the official Marvel website regarding what project for Marvel will come after the X-Men film.

According to Avi Arad, Sony's SPIDER-MAN probably won't be the next Marvel figure you'll see on the big screen. He stated "No, I think in between, we'll probably have HULK and BLADE 2, and there may be a surprise in the middle."

The BLADE sequel was written by David Goyer, who also wrote BLADE. In the sequel, Blade (Snipes, again) is forced to team up with the hated vampires against an even greater threat. According to Goyer, Snipes has an opening in his work schedule to possibly film BLADE 2 this summer. A possible director for the film may be announced within the next few weeks.

As far as the HULK? "The script is done and we are ready to rock 'n roll," states Arad. HULK is set up at Universal, with a script by Mike France.

Also, if you haven't heard, Matt Edelman, a senior vice-president at Marvel Studios and a mainstay for Marvel's TV and movie projects the past six years, has moved on to Eruptor Entertainment. No announcement as to who is replacement will be as of yet.

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