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Good-bye Geocities

THIRD MILLENNIUM entertainment is moving?

November 12, 1999

Yes -- you read that right.

THIRD MILLENNIUM entertainment will be leaving Geocities to take up it's new residency at www.teako170.com starting January 1st, 2000.

Following other screenwriting sites such as Kelley's Screaming in the Celluloid Jungle and Jenna's Absolutewrite.com, I have decided to leave the sanctuary of Geocities and establish myself with my own domain.

The new site -- www.teako170.com -- will be launched on January 1st; rather appropriate timing one might say. "THIRD MILLENNIUM entertainment debuts its new site on the beginning of the third millennium." Unfortunately, I am (as are many others) one who believes the "real" start of the new millennium begins on Jan 1, 2001 -- as there is no such thing as "year 0" (but I digress). But...it sounds good nonetheless.

What will the new site bring? Honestly, the only change for the moment will be the URL address. THIRD MILLENNIUM entertainment's content will remain the same except there will no longer be anymore pop-up ads. TMe will remain a "commercial free" website -- as there are already far too many commercials, whether they're on TV, radio, magazine/newspaper, or on a billboard. No sense in cluttering up the information superhighway with more bandwidth.

But just because things remain the same for the moment, don't expect things to stay stagnant. TMe's new home will boast 50 megs of space, T3 connection to the Internet, and have added features such as CGI, SSI, Perl, Java, C/C++, PHP3, WWWBoard, and Search Tools. So stayed tuned.

So what will happen to this site? Again, no changes for the moment. The next six weeks will involve the FTP'ing of all this site's contents to the new site and testing each page. This Geocities site will remain intact for several months as I test the reliability of the new webhost. When completely satisfied, I will edit all html files in redirecting traffic to the new main page @ www.teako170.com.

I must say -- it has been an interesting first couple of years on the web. When I first started out designing this site (Feb 98) I had no knowledge of HTML at all. I wasn't even planning on building a website but was curious as to how it was done. Over the past 19 months, thanks to various web design sites -- patience -- and hard work, I've managed to construct a site boasting near 700 files which has received over 15,000 hits. I have also made many wonderful contacts due to this site and am very pleased at what has been accomplished here.

I highly recommend constructing a website for yourself and I recommend doing it right here -- with Geocities.

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