EXCERPT from pages 27-28


Shadowed EAVESDROPPER observes the D.M. move away from the window.  

SOUND of footsteps, in the snow, coming from behind.
The figure whips around.

Pair of RED EYES stare back at the "peeping-tom." 

Figure leaps forward--tucks and rolls--firing off 
set of SHURIKEN at the eyes.

Counter-response is a baton; catches fast the stars.  
Leans into the light.  A "face" to go with the "eyes."

Crimson horned facemask attached to a--
bodysuit of compact muscles: DAREDEVIL (now known as DD).

	That wasn't very nice now--was it?

DD springs after the shady figure.  
Response--a boot kick to his jaw.


DD falls back. 
Figure flees for the rooftop edge. 
DD races after his foe.

They bound from one rooftop to the next.  
DD fires off his baton. 

Flies like a smart-bomb.  

Bounces off the rooftop--
then a chimney--
air vent--
hones in on the fleeing.  BAM!

Figure drops to the ground.  

Like a boomerang--baton bounces back to DD's hand.

Figure shakes off the blow.

	Playtime's over. You're coming
	with me.

Figure's response:  Not in words but...
pair of highly sharpened pitchfork weapons--sai.

DD ducks as left cross comes across his path.  
Counter punch. His fist meets nothing but steel.

Blunt end of sai collides with DD's jaw--

Fury of strikes dazes DD.  
Copyright 1999 -- Terrence J. Brady
This is a work-in-progress. Please excuse any typos and/or formatting errors.

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