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2006 release schedule for Celestial remastered Shaw Bros. films
Source: IVL. Additional acknowledgments: KF Scholar & Kenichiku. Last update: 9-16-06


The 14 Amazons (martial arts)
Ambitious Kung Fu Girl (martial arts)
Empress Wu (period)
The Shepherd Girl (musical)
Songfest (musical)
The Ghost Lovers (horror)
Heroes Of The Underground (action)
It's All In The Family (drama)
Mad Monk Strikes Again (comedy)
Rivals Of Kung Fu (martial arts)
Rolls, Rolls, I Love You (action)
Sexy Career Girls (erotic)
Sexy Playgirls (erotic)
Story Of Sue San (Huangmei Opera)


The Brothers (action)
Corpse Mania (horror)
Flower In The Rain (drama)
Haunted Tales (horror)
Mr. Virgin (comedy)
Five Tough Guys (action)
The Kung-fu Instructor (martial arts)
Long Road To Gallantry (martial arts)
Naval Commandos (action)
Pursuit Of A Killer (action)
That Man In Chang-an (martial arts)

MARCH 2006

The Fastest Sword (martial arts)
Man Of Iron (martial arts)
Pale Passion (drama)
Sinful Adulteress (erotic)
Swordsman At Large (martial arts)
Black Magic 2 (horror)
The Bloody Escape (action)
The Fastest Sword (martial arts)
The Golden Lion (martial arts)
Man Of Iron (martial arts)
Pink Tears (drama)
Sons Of Good Earth (drama)
Swordsman At Large (martial arts)

APRIL 2006

Mercenaries from Hong Kong (action)
Sex Beyond the Grave (horror)
New Shaolin Boxers (martial arts)
Crazy Bumpkin in Singapore (comedy)
Sword and the Lute (martial arts)
The Criminals Pt II: Homicide (crime)
The Criminals Pt III: Arson (crime)
The Criminals Pt IV: Assault (crime)
The Criminals Pt V: Teenager’s Nightmare (crime)

MAY 2006

The Thunderbolt Fist (martial arts)
The Foxy Ladies (erotica)
The Boxer’s Omen (horror)
Young Avenger (martial arts)
Song of Orchid Island (drama)
Godfather from Canton (martial arts)
Tropical Interlude (drama)
The Female Prince (Huangmei Opera)

JUNE 2006

Twelve Deadly Coins (martial arts)
Shaolin Martial Arts (martial arts)
The Protectors (martial arts)
Ambush (martial arts)

JULY 2006

Carry On Doctors And Nurses (comedy)
The Master Strikes Back (martial arts)
The Weird Man (martial arts)
I Love Lolanto (comedy)
The Big Sting (comedy)
Flag Of Iron (martial arts)
Lady Of The Law (martial arts)
The Mighty One (martial arts)
Starlets For Sale (erotic)


Amorous Lotus Pan (erotica)
The Convict Killer (action)
The Devil's Mirror (martial arts)
The Long Chase (martial arts)
Prince Charming (comedy)
Gang Master (martial arts)
The Golden Seal (martial arts)
The Happy Trio comedy)
Oath Of Death (martial arts)


The Golden Knight (martial arts)
The Magnificent Swordsman (martial arts)
The Stud And The Nymph (erotica)
Susanna (drama)
A Taste Of Cold Steel (martial arts)
Rebel Intruders (martial arts)
The Savage Five (martial arts)
Snake Prince (martial arts)
The Story Of My Son (drama)


Clan Feuds (martial arts)
Iron Buddha (martial arts)
Love On Delivery (erotica)
The Mirror And The Lichee
Take Care, Your Majesty


Out Of The Dark
Rendezvous With Death (martial arts)
The Singing Escort (martial arts)
The Trilogy Of Swordsmanship (martial arts)



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