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Teako's return to the Bronx

In the summer of '94, I was living in the Windy City of Chicago pursuing my degree in film production. I had the opportunity to create a project of my choosing -- regardless of content, format, or genre.

After some deliberation, I decided to focus on a project which would culminate the past three decades of my life. Titled "LIFESPAN," I meshed together images from my past with other sources, creating a quasi auto-biographical tale of who I was and where I had come from.

It was obvious where I had come from (the Bronx) but what I was more concerned with was "what" I had come from. Where did I get this ambition for the moving picture? ...for writing? ..for art? Well, if you have yet to read A FILMMAKER'S ORIGINS, I suggest you do now -- for it answers these very questions.

So now I knew from what I had come from. Now, it was time to go back. Back to the Big Apple to seek out my roots. To go back to the beginnings of my..."lifespan."