VENOMS by Terrence J Brady
In 1978, Asian filmmaker Chang Cheh and the Hong Kong based Shaw Brothers Productions made the film "The Five Deadly Venoms." Following this film, Cheh directed the same cast of martial arts actors in over a dozen more movies through the late 70's and early 80's. Years later, these films (and the actors portrayed within) have attained a global cult status, now known simply as The Venoms. Below is a brief introduction of the six core actors.

Lu Feng Lu Feng
Cast as the Centipede (or # 1) in the original "Five Deadly Venoms" film, this native of Taiwan was usually featured as the villainous character in the other Venoms' films. A weapons expert, he has received various awards in the industry.
Wei Pai Wei Pai
Cast as the Snake (# 2), he is known to many as the "sixth" Venom for he only appeared in a few other films with the Venoms crew. A Hong Kong native, he has worked with a number of filmmakers including Jackie Chan.
Sun Chien Sun Chien
Cast as the Scorpion (# 3), he is better known as the "kicker" of the group with his training in the Korean art of Tae Kwan Do. Originally from Taiwan, he joined the Shaw organization a few years later than his Venoms counterparts.
Kuo Chui Kuo Chui
Cast as the Lizard (# 4), this Taiwan native received much of his training with the Peking Opera. Usually portrayed as the hero in many of the Venoms films, he continues to work in the global film industry; even landing a small part in a 007 film.
Lo Mang Lo Mang
Cast as the Toad (# 5), this muscular actor from Hong Kong studied the "mantis form" and preferred to use his physical might in lieu of weapons. Normally cast as one of the good guys, he seemed to always find himself slain by film's end.
Chiang Sheng Chiang Sheng
Cast as the Student, he wasn't one of the "original" Venoms but stepped into the role left vacant by Wei Pai. His acrobatic skills and light-hearted manner landed him opportunties behind the lens, as well as, in front. Sadly, he passed away in 1991.

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