VENOMS by Terrence J Brady
During the Fall of 2000, I began to reacquaint myself with the Shaw Bros. & Chang Cheh classics I first enjoyed on the tube back in the early 80's. After purchasing several videos, I began searching for additional material on this band of actors named The Venoms. To my surprise, this task grew quite daunting. While several books made minor (at best) references to the group, there was no one single book (at least, in the English language) devoted solely to the Venoms.

It was then I began my research for further information about these actors and their films. Not only did I find material scarce but also very inconsistent. A perfect example would be the film "Heaven and Hell" - an early pre-Venoms film, which Iíve seen listed anywhere from 1974 to 1980.

At first, my intention was to devote a section of my website to the group. I decided this would be doing them a disservice for a definitive book cried to be written. A book that would help clear up the various confusion regarding dates, titles, cast/crew members, etc. Besides, The Venoms deserved their own book - a book which featured their films and their exploits. It is has now become my task to create such a book.

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