VENOMS by Terrence J Brady
This is the "second most asked question" I have received from fellow Venomites and kung-fu movie aficionados. Of course, the most asked question is ... "when?"

Update: APRIL 2004

While there are many books published without images, it is hard to comprehend a book on The Venoms without the inclusion of photographs. The Venoms are a product of the motion-picture industry and would not exist as we know them without such visuals. Such a book would not be complete without still film images, movie posters, and other photographs. It was my intention to negotiate a deal with Celestial Pictures to allow the use of such images in this project, however after many months they have decided to pass on my proposal. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. No doubt this has left me with quite a dilemma.

While such a book could be created without the use of the Celestial owned images, it would truly be an insult to the fans and especially to those men and women who would comprise this book. With the Celestial release of remastered Shaw classics, the interest for The Venoms and their films will continue to grow. This book will hopefully become a must-have for their fans and I do not want to disappoint them.

As of this date, I have put this project on hold until I can find a way in which visuals can be included in this book.

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