VENOMS by Terrence J Brady
Time slide to the early 80ís: MTV in its infancy, big hair, and the Brat Pack. Another event during this time was regular broadcasts of Shaw Bros. classics on the television. For the author, each Saturday afternoon was spent glued to Channel 29 (a Philadelphia station) as "chop-socky" was the featured venue.

Yes, as a teen I was caught up in the ninja craze and envisioned myself as a martial arts actor. Twenty years later, I find myself chuckling at the absurdity of the "Ninja Turtle" films and still counting the bruises I endured from all those "misses" with my nunchukas. While I never fulfilled my destiny as a martial artist, I have delved rather deep into the world of film.

A graduate of the film program at Loyola University Chicago, I have written several spec scripts and been involved in various amateur film and video projects. I created this film & screenwriting website that you find yourself now on way back in 1998. With over 450 pages of information, this site has received various awards, praising emails from all over the globe and created many new contacts for me in the film industry and elsewhere.

Despite the time that has passed, The Venoms are still significant for they remind me of a time when life wasnít so uncertain. A time when I could retire to my room each Saturday afternoon and lose myself in a world where right and wrong were clearly defined and justice was served. A place where men of righteousness were rewarded for their valor and championed over the ills of this world. For me, The Venoms are more than just actors on a screen. For me, they are a gateway to a place where I can feel, at home, once again.

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