Long week with the 4th of July holiday and all. Haven't got much of anything done.

I sat down today and started banging out some index cards. If you write screenplays or want to, Syd Field's card trick is one I highly recommend. It really gives you a sense of how a story can be broken down and put back together.

While I believe I have a strong opening Act I (pp 1-30) and some pretty interesting scenes for Act III (pp 91-120), I seem to be faltering in the middle. Act II is probably the hardest of the three, as you have to maintain interest, continue to build a pace, yet not release any steam before it's time.

I've got a couple ideas in the works:

  • Bulls and DD partake in a car (taxi) chase through the city. Any ideas as to what happens when a blind man tries to drive?
  • Another supporting character; ex-girlfriend of Matt's. Karen Page? Heather Glenn? Haven't quite decided.
  • Turk and Grotto (mob flunkies) join the cast for a few laughs at Josie's Bar.
  • Elektra reveals all to Matt about her father and his relationship with the Kingpin.
  • A court case. After all, Matt is a lawyer, so we have to show him at work. The case involves the MTA, Chapter 11, and a hostile takeover by a company owned by...is that Wilson Fisk?

Oh well. Hopefully more soon. Heading back to the cards....

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