Just some "this" and "that..."

Continuing my correspondence with my new Canadian friend who has been supplying me with lots of useful info regarding the NYC subway system. Found out it was impossible to do a head on collision with 2 subway trains. Oh well. Just trying to keep the script plausible (considering the 'superhero' aspect).

Usually, I devise the entire frame of a screenplay and then add meat to individual scenes but this past week, I've only been able to visualize potential scenes for act I (pp 1-30). One scene is set in a nightclub where Elektra(?) dances the night away and Matt and Foggy happen to be present. Somehow our hero thinks this woman is his former beloved and gets into a brawl with some unruly types. Care to guess who wins?

The first plot point (about pp 30) has a double prong tip. Of course, if you're a DD fan, the one plot point is already a well known fact (but I'm thinking of the general public here).

I want to flesh out the Kingpin's role some more. I feel like his character needs to be multi-dimensional and as each layer of his personality is peeled off, the direction of his "plot" or purpose goes off into another direction. I was watching "Basic Instinct" the other night and screenwriter Joe Eszterhas did (in my opinion) a really good job keeping you on the edge. Hopefully, I will be able to capture some of that tension.

See ya soon....

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