Got an idea at work today so I'm throwing it your way.

I was formulating the opening sequence and I thought Bullseye's jailbreak would be a good start but perhaps a little long. The key to a good script is by "grabbing" your audience in the first 10 pages (minutes) and try to introduce as many as the main characters as possible. Of course, the Bulls' escape needs a little setting up and why waste precious opening screen time with boring (yet relevant) info concerning his character and why he's in prison.

So I came up with the idea of introducing the 4 main characters with TV news spots with each watching the next guy. Let me explain: Matt is "watching" a piece on the death of a mob enforcer on the tube (which involves Elektra--more in a minute), which then switches to a piece on DD, which the Kingpin is watching which then becomes a piece on the King which in turn, Bullseye is watching (in jail). Of course, this all leads up to Bullseye then having a televised interview with a news crew which "assists" him in breaking out of prison (see Daredevil #181).

This whole scenario takes only a few minutes yet gives the reader plenty of background detail and also allows me to play with the media and the agenda they set each day.

So what's the opening scene. Elektra you say? Well, yes, sort of....

...Picture the Statue of Liberty at night.

  • Full moon.
  • A light snow falls.
  • Manhattan skyline all lit up.
  • Two lovers entangled in a compromising position on top of Lady Liberty.
  • BAM!!!

Sorry. I'd tell you the rest...but *no spoilers*.

On other news: I've been talking more with a gentleman from Ontario who has been assisting me in developing scenarios regarding the subway system from a technical POV. Very helpful.

Talk to you soon.

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