Oh! The joys (and agonies) of research!

Really digging deeper into the NYC subway system. Downloaded a ton of stuff off the web regarding the abandoned subway lines and stations, contacted a chap in Canada who has a book published on the present/past track lines, and been formulating the whole reason why Kingpin is down there to begin with.

Remember. I want all 4 leads to have a common connection. I believe it will be something that lies "underground." Kingpin believes he has discovered the existence of something which may help him gain control of 85-90% of the real estate on Manhattan island. Imagine that? He'd be one of the richest people in America; perhaps the world. YOU know that ol' hornhead won't let that happen.

The whole Dante's Inferno idea has got me fired up (no pun intended). I continue my research on that. Speaking of fires....while I won't include scenes of gratuitous nudity (I'm thinking of the kiddies), I do plan to have one scene of "intense play" between Matt and Elektra. Something similar to the college scene in "DD: MWOF." Lots of passion....and lots of furniture breakage.

Soon, I'll start playing with the index cards. Throwing out various possibilities, shuffling the deck, and seeing how the cards drop. Also: plan on working on DD's character. No real surprises here: blind, lawyer. I don't know. What do you think....with or without the radar?

Back soon....

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