Yes, the dreaded W.B.

Been banging my head regarding the Kingpin's character. Okay, let's take what we already know. He's the leader of the criminal underworld; ruthless, omnipotent. He makes Brando in the Godfather looked cuddly. He and Daredevil are on opposite sides of the fence. Now what?

What I liked about Miller's Kingpin is that Miller gave him a human quality; his love for his wife. Willing to give it all up just so he can have her. I forget what happened to Vanessa after DD found her underground and tossed her ring onto King's desk but I knew Miller had something here. He gave this indestructible force of nature a weakness. A weakness that made him human.

Last night, I got this crazy notion. Remember the story of "Dante's Inferno?" Since the Kingpin's domain is underground, I've been playing with the notion of the Kingpin giving DD a tour of the 'underworld' like the characters in the "Inferno." Perhaps the death (?) of his beloved has forced him underground (literally) and he introduces his world to his arch-nemesis.

Of course, I could always find Vanessa somewhere down there and who knows what this (born-again) Kingpin might do when he discovers that his "new" world is a lie.

Need to go dig up a copy of the Divine Comedy and see how all the pieces might fit in. And you thought this was just going to be another generic "bad guy vs. good guy" comic book story.

...just getting started folks.

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