All right. Let's jump right into it.

Mounted my index cards up on a cork board. With one look, the entire script is right in front of me. Should have bought one of these things years ago. So what about these index cards? How many are there? What do they say?

I believe Syd Field stated that the number of cards (or scenes/sequences) is irrelevant. You can have 20-50-100; doesn't matter. Right now, I have 56 cards (but I continue to add/delete them as I go). Each card represents a scene (even if the scene is only a 1/4 page or if its 4 pages long). With the cork board, I jot down different ideas that come to me and insert them in whatever scene I feel they would fit. What's nice about the board is I can (not only see the whole script) but I can see the pacing of each scene: if it's too long, too fast, if a pacing even exists or if its stagnant.

One of the most important elements of a scene is how it flows into the next one. If it doesn't, its time to place that scene elsewhere in the script or get rid of it entirely. With the cards (and cork board) it's a simple matter of pulling the pushpin out and sticking it elsewhere.

What do these cards look like? Instead of explaining, I've scanned a few and posted them here.

Finished the Batman: Dark Knight Returns graphic novel. What can I say? If you haven't read it, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. There's something like 10 editions of it so you shouldn't have a problem finding a copy. I got my copy over at ebay for a mere $4.50 plus postage. There's a nice forward by Alan Moore that hits upon the roles of heroes in today's society. Click on the link above to view. As far as how BLIND JUSTICE will fare to B:DKR? Well, I won't have anywhere near the amount of violence Miller used. I liked the concept of Batman becoming an outlaw but the themes of society slipping into an anarchist state? I "might" touch upon the concept but I don't plan my setting of NYC to be the decaying metropolis we see all too often in films.

Bullseye in the movies? Yes and no. Catch you next time. Sam Bat-channel, same Bat...errr, sorry.

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