I'll be totally honest with you. I love to write. It leaves me with a great sensation of accomplishment.

I'll be totally honest with you; again. I hate to write...no, let me rephrase; avoid it like the plague. Yes, probably all writers go through one form of withdrawal or another. They'll do anything BUT write: go shopping, watch TV, cut the lawn, visit their in-laws! (for me, it's surf the internet); anything as long as it's not writing. I recall what Syd Field said in his book "Screenplay "...writing is a personal responsibility--either you do or you don't."

What separates "writers" from those who claim to be writers (you know, the guy at work whose been writing the same 10 pages of a novel for the past 12 years) is that no matter how much TV, lawn, and in-law visits, they eventually own up to their "responsibility."

So what does all that mean? Means I'm only human and I avoid writing just like any other writer, so if and when you experience such "non-writing" days, it's normal.

The script...

The four LEAD characters have been established. Matt Murdock (DAREDEVIL), Elektra Natchios (ELEKTRA), Wilson Fisk (KINGPIN), and Benjamin Pondexter (BULLSEYE). The storyline will focus on these 4 individuals and how their lives intertwine with one another. What has always impressed me about the show "Seinfeld," is how all the storylines (no matter how absurd or far-fetched) gel together in the end. That's my intention. I want these 4 characters to each pursue their own agenda yet, in the end, are forced to come together for their agendas are all one in the same, though they use different paths to attain their goal. This is obviously going to cause some "conflicts of interest."

The storyline itself? I'm still lost in the fog. I started with various intros: Bullseye in jail, Elektra dead...nothing seems to gel yet. Fans have said they wanted to see a version of DD's origin or the whole "MILLER" run. I've been playing with those ideas and also just writing a whole new story arc. Not really sure what I'm going to do yet.

Need to have a serious "focus" session (IOW: get off the web) and just think out various story arcs until one hits.

That's all for now.

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