...imagine the trailer.

What? You heard me. Imagine what the trailer would like for the script you're working on. Would it be good? Would people want to go see your story? Mine would. You see, music helps me focus on the storyline. For example, the soundtrack from "Amadeus" helped me write JUMPCUT. So, what's helping me with BLIND JUSTICE? You ready for this...?

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas in Sarajevo."

I see my trailer when I play that song. The whole subway chase. Bullseye, in the rain, delirious with visions of "devils." The death of...oops, almost spilt the beans. A trailer is very visual and so are to be screenplays. Show it, show it, show it. Want to tell it? Write a novel.

The latest? Well, I failed to mention a few things previously. The setting is in New York. It's Christmas. And the abandoned subway lines belong to the Kingpin; his "city hall."

I've also decided to please everyone by mixing elements of Miller's stories (one in particular) with my own creations. So it will be a 50/50 mix of adaptation & new material; or 40/60.... won't know till it's all done.

Been working hard on the character of Bullseye; his motives. Why he hates DD? Why he believes the world is out to get him? What drives him? It's difficult (I'll admit).

It's easy to imagine two dimensional cardboard cut-out sterotypes. But, we live in 3 dimensions. It's also easy to "borrow" other people's ideas as to what a character should be like. But, then you're not creating anything.

You want easy? Go order some Domino's pizza.

I continue to create "my" Bullseye....

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