...Continuing my character development for BULLSEYE.

Tough to focus on a dark, demonic figure on a cold, snowy December day when you're sitting on the beach, basking in the sun, a week before Memorial Day. Nonetheless, I came up with a couple of good character developments.

To me, Bullseye is a "Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde" individual but instead of good and evil, Bulls is more "sinister evil/deranged evil;" meaning he's bad [period] yet what side of him is more dangerous? The intellectual evil? Or the emotional evil?

His character will be wrapped up in the genre of old films whereas he (or you for that matter) aren't really sure what's reality and what's fictional. His version of stories through the script will leave you unsure whether it's fact or not. Similar to the character of Verbal in "The Usual Suspects."

Not to say that story will be filled with false flashbacks or dream sequences; not at all. But there is something about Bullseye's character that leads him to trust no one so why should he tell the truth; unless it suits him in furthering a goal of his. Remember this when you read the ending.

Other developments? I needed to give Bullseye a weakness. So I gave him asthma. Actually Daredevil gave him asthma (or that's what Bulls has taught himself to believe). It makes for an interesting flaw in an otherwise perfect killing machine.

I'll continue with Bullseye for a little while longer (see if anything else pops in my head) and then put him to the side and start work on Elektra.

Stay tuned.....

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