Recently I saw a few posts regarding my writing a DD script. They were basically stating that the film is already in production so why bother...yadda-yadda-yadda.

Firstly, yes, I'm aware of the "alleged" production of a Daredevil film.

Secondly, allow me to clarify what "production" is.

Production is when a film is green-lighted (the 5th stage of development) and begins the process of actual filming. The Daredevil project (now supposedly at Disney) is hardly in production but somewhere between the stages of "rumor" (the first stage of development) and "script" (the second stage of development).

Until Marvel gets things squared away financially, straightens out the lawsuit with Marv Wolfman, and probably makes the "X-Men" movie before anything else, a DD movie will hardly see any greenlight.

Not that I'm connected to the "Marvel movie making machine" but some useful friends, as well as the internet, allow me some insight as where the official Daredevil movie is at. Like I stated at the beginning of this theater presentation, by the time BLIND JUSTICE is complete, a DD movie might be in circulation and my script will become a dust collector. Doesn't matter. I don't pen this script for money or fame but more for myself, the DD fans of the world, and those screenwriters/filmmakers who might be interested in the process of writing a script.

I hope you enjoy.

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