What is "development hell" you say? DH is a process in which a script is altered, changed, modified, etc., by a series of collaborative meetings between the writer and/or production executive, studio executive, director, or other individuals who may be attached to the project.

So what had this got to do with BLIND JUSTICE and me? Well, let's just say I've been stuck in hell trying to reach my October 1 deadline like I stated in journal #16. Unfortunately, the official "fade in" date will have to be a few more weeks down the road. I've recently been working on a polish of another script for an agency reader and this is where all my spare time has been going. So my official fade in date had been altered, changed, modified, etc. As the saying goes: "The best laid plans of mice and men...."

Trip to NYC is about a month away. Looking forward to visiting Hell's Kitchen (Home of DD--for you non DD fans) as well as the other locales I plan to use in the script.

Someone mentioned if I was going to make references to other Marvel characters in the script. Even if only in an in-direct comment or joke. My answer would have to be no. BLIND JUSTICE is going to be in its own self-contained arena with no acknowledgment to the vaster Marvel universe. Why? Simply because I wish to make this script very realistic; art imitating life. No "art imitating art." If I include any allusions to the superhero world of comic books, it may detract from the credibility of the characters/the story. This isn't a fantasy story I write about. I write about men--women--and the paths they have chosen; the consequences they must endure.

Keeping it in the "real."

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