Probably my last pre-scripting journal entry as BLIND JUSTICE will commence Sunday, November 1st. Five pages a day. Every day. One draft a month. 5 drafts, maybe 6; though completion of drafts 4-5-6 will only take a few weeks.

This past week, I've been looking further into Dante's Inferno. Posted some questions on various bulletin boards and newsgroups. Didn't realize "Event Horizon" had a circles of hell theme in it. Will have to go rent that one. Spoke with an individual who had written a script about the homeless who live in the subway tunnels of NYC but couldn't share his tale with me.

I plan to read up on a couple more DD comics as well. The Fall of the Kingpin (DD 297-300?) plus a few others. As many of you may already know, Kevin Smith (Clerks) is scripting the DD comic but I haven't picked up any of his issues. Not sure if it's a good idea or not as I don't want to subconsciously use any of his themes.

I guess the hardest part now is to decide whether or not the story is truly prepared for me to start typing. The only way I'll ever answer that is to---start typing. I'll be posting probably twice a week as I begin the script. Give you an idea of what pages were done--what the scene involved. I'll also be describing how the scene unfolds. What my mood was--what inspired me as I write each scene. I usually don't see it 'til later (until I read through the whole script) of how this scene or that revelation or those lines of dialogue work with other scenes/etc... but that's the fun part about writing a script. When you stand back, take a look, and go: "Whoa...that worked out real nice!"

Lots of scenes look like bread and lettuce; but no meat. Haven't decided on many of those little elements which make a good scene into a great scene. Bullseye goes into several delusions/daydreams of different films he fancies but what films they are and how they'll interplay with the scene at hand are still up in the air. Matt's girlfriend was supposed to be Heather Glenn but many seem to prefer the Black Widow. Not sure I want to use the Widow as she shares many of the same traits with Elektra (dominant, exotic) and would prefer to have contrasting characters. Also not sure how in depth I want to go with DD's origin. I guess it should be mentioned but I'm not doing a cheesy flashback scene or a big monologue by DD on "how and why I became DD." And will I mention DD's mentor, Stick? Don't know.

Like I said--I need to get typing.

10 days and counting....

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