Still continuing my research.

Discovered lots of little tidbits regarding the sale of Manhattan to the Dutch. Huh? What's that got to do with DD? Pul-lenty. Speaking of Manhattan, I have tentative plans to be in the Big Apple from Novemver 15-18 to shoot research video for the script.

Past couple days, I've been thinking about the films Bullseye hallucinates he's in. (Remember--Bulls is a film freak). Anyway, I posted a question on misc.writing.screenplays and got some good ideas. I don't want to use films like Psycho (too played out) or Silence of the Lambs (too new) but I did decide on 2 possible contenders. One would be Taxi Driver and the other would be (yes, a Hitchcock film) Marnie.

Not too many folks know much about this 1964 thriller. It was one of Hitch's last (and probably last good one) featuring Tippi Hedren and a Brit actor on his way up, Sean (call me Bond...James Bond) Connery. The film deals with the psyche of a woman tormented by an event from her childhood which leads her to criminal activity and "restrained" relationships with others. What really makes this film ideal for Bullseye and BLIND JUSTICE, is how she (Marnie) reacts when she sees the color "red."

On a side note, I just discovered a new Yahoo Club called Daredevil. Stop over and join if you like. It's free of course and a great way of contacting fellow DD fans.

Sunday----FADE IN.

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