Nearing page 70. I've been running into some trouble getting my ideas onto paper and then figured out why.....I'm NOT writing on paper. Let me explain.

As I stated in the introduction (before the journal pages) I normally write the first draft of a script in a notebook, make corrections, and then type it into the PC (usually the third draft). For some reason, I started out BLIND JUSTICE right to the PC. My problem is that I'm not a very good/fast typist. When I get into the creative flow of things, my fingers can't keep up the pace, hence it's slowing me down. I've noticed my pages deteriorating lately. (Saying there's "typos" is an understatement.) While all my tabs are at the correct settings, I'm rushing over certain things: not capitalizing names, writing things in all caps when they should be lower cased, etc. I've even stopped getting descriptive in my setting slugs (EXT/INT) just so I can get on to the dialogue.

The second draft will be focus on a major clean-up plus adding/deleting scenes so the whole story flows. The later drafts will focus on characterization, voice, yadda-yadda.

I just did a scene the other day where Kingpin gives Daredevil a tour of his underground domain. The scene as it stands is very crude, very basic. Subsequent drafts will hone in on certain elements of the different circles of hell as portrayed in Dante's book. Speaking of books, I just finished reading the DD story arc: Born Again. For you non DD fans, writer Frank Miller returned for a seven issue arc in 1986 where the Kingpin learns Daredevil's identity and through his manipulation destroyed everything Matt knows and loves. It was certainly an impressive display of the Kingpin's mastery and Matt/DD's ability to face the abyss and come out on top. Something I wish this script to show as well.

Looking at my schedule, I should be finishing the first draft a few days past my projected deadline of December 1st. But I will make that up assuredly in the following drafts. Right now, the script looks to be around 110pp but that will all change as I begin the rewrites. What's nice about the index cards is that each one is labeled with approximate page numbers, giving me an idea on how long the scene should go--otherwise one could end up with a script of 60 pages or 260 pages if not paying attention.

Talk to you soon---

P.S. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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