Yes, back from New York. I didn't get to videotape as much as I wanted for an old friend of mine is seriously ill and spent some time with him. I did, however, make some discoveries regarding the Manhattan Bridge and was slightly disappointed.

First, the train tracks don't run on the upper level as I had envisioned it. Secondly, there's no head room above the train cars (metal girders are positioned right above) so it would be impossible for me to have individuals on top of the train (like I wanted to). However, the tracks run on the outside of the bridge with car lanes in the middle giving me some ideas to work with. Actually, it was my brother's idea--so I want to acknowledge the fact--but now I'll have to write the bridge scene most differently. Research--it certainly pays.

I was reading a book called Gotham at a bookstore on the Upper Westside. Gotham details the history of NYC from the Dutch settlers to the last century. I think I'll purchase a copy from "amazon.com" as it had some valuable material regarding those early years involving the sale of Manhattan; which plays a pivotal part in one of the subplots.

Of course, the biggest highlight of the trip was attending the Big Apple Comic Con on Saturday where I got to talk with Kevin Smith and several other celebrities. For the whole story and the pictures, go to:
Big Apple Comic Con Report.

Tonight was the first night I've written since Wednesday. I just did a scene with Daredevil and Ben (the reporter). My index card for the scene basically stated: DD meets with Ben--discuss MTA case. That's it. When I started writing, I had no clue where it would take me. I ended up having them engage in a game of chess with DD showing Ben that he's participating in a game in which he's just a pawn. It just came to me as I wrote. That's where that whole Bruce Lee "art takes place when you're not thinking about it" scenario happens. It was only 3-4 pages long and has lots of little bugs to fix but plenty of potential in it that will link up with other scenes later.

Finally--yes, I broke down and bought the first 3 issues of the new Daredevil series. I hadn't plan to as I want BLIND JUSTICE to be my own vision and not borrow from anything Kevin is doing. Of course, I loved the elevator scene where the two thugs drown. Wish I had thought of that one.

Oh well--back to the script. Make sure you check out the link above. Pix of me and Kevin, Joe Q. and Jimmy P., and even Enos. Huh? Enos?? Well, take a look and you'll see.


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