Well, I'm off to New York City the day after tomorrow. Like I said earlier, I'll be video taping various locations for script research. I'll also be attending the Big Apple Comic Con this Saturday where the DD creative team of Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada, and Jimmy Palmiotti will be on hand. Hopefully, I will get some nice pix and post them on the web.

Yesterday was a non-writing day but I'm up in the "40's." I already see where scenes will need work but right now I'm focused on just laying down the foundation. Sharpening dialogue, giving each character their own voice, accurately describing scenes, etc., will come later in the following drafts. A fellow DD fan asked me recently how I will portray the character of Elektra--to the non DD fan, who may not be familiar with her. This question raises the point of why so many comic-to-film productions never catch on with the majority of movie-goers. I believe many feel alienated from these films because they're geared towards the fan and not the general public. Hopefully, my vision will appease the DD fanbase but also capture the attention of the general public for it's storyline/themes are based in reality not fantasy. It is my intention that BLIND JUSTICE stands on it's own, whether characters from Marvel or my own creations are used.

On a sad note, Bob Kane (creator of BATMAN) passed away last week. He was 83. I've reprinted the LA Times article if anyone is interested. A sad day for all comic fans. Speaking of Batman, I just finished reading the third draft of the original script (with Robin). A good read.

Okay, I'll give you all a full report on my adventures in the Big Apple. If my Snappy (video capture device) is up to snuff, I'll be posting some pix next week of the con and whatever else might be interesting.

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