SEASONS GREETINGS to all. I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend.

This week hasn't seen much keyboard action I'm afraid to report. I've only been able to reach page 40 of this second draft. I guess its a mix between the holiday season and procrastination. Not a writer's block but just a writer's bah-hum-bug of sorts as I've had my mind on other things.

It happens to the best of us. The second draft will flow over into the new year without doubt. I just have to keep plugging away and not let the schedule deadline get in my way.

Anyway, that's where it stands to date. I'm about to begin a scene where the Kingpin and his lovely wife Vanessa experience a close encounter of the worst kind as their limo is attacked by unknowns. Need to find a good spot in Manhattan along the docks for a location. Know of any?

Enjoy the holidays everyone. See you back here next Sunday.

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