Just got done rewriting a scene with our favorite antagonist (Bullseye) and a scene right out of Martin Scorsese's 1976 film TAXI DRIVER starring Robert DeNiro. This scene will be the first of several which will show how unstable Bullseye is and how he leads a fictional life, mirroring the big screen, which will be an important aspect of his character trait.

Right now the script is up to page 26 of the second draft. It would be a lot more except I ERASED everything on Thursday. What happened was: I was going back & forth between home and work using a floppy disc to store the script and I inadvertently copied an old version of the script over the rewrite and in effect wiped out the first 2 dozen pages of the second draft. (sigh) I guess it could have been worse--I could have deleted the whole script!

I'll continue toning up the script with this draft correcting major typos and formatting errors. I'm trying to also trim a few insignificant scenes but so far, I've added 2 more pages. Just like in the first draft, I don't go back so I'll have to get them down next time around. I think the third draft will focus on other films whereas I'll be studying different scenes and interweaving them into BLIND JUSTICE (esp. in the case of Bullseye). Yesterday, I found myself paging through the script for NATURAL BORN KILLERS while I was rewriting a scene where Bullseye breaks out of prison. But--I really need to leave that for the 3rd draft. I don't care to bounce around too much when working on different drafts. For each draft I like to have a set of goals before starting and then just focus on that. If I start bouncing around from say giving a character a particular voice to refining scenes, to researching XYZ to reworking dialogue, etc. then I have a half baked cake and icing all over the place. (How's that for an analogy--must be getting close to lunchtime).

On that note--

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