Hey--a Saturday entry. Well, considering I didn't post last Sunday, I wanted to get one in.

Yes, second draft is now complete. Plan to print it up later, and then---
stick in a drawer for a week.

I DON'T want to look at it.
I DON'T want to think about it.

Why? Well, for the same reason I didn't post last Sunday.

Last week, I was in a major anti-writing mood. Ever since I changed the second plot point, I started running into some big headaches. No longer did the scenes in Act III appear to flow. Act II was now getting too fat with unnecessary scenes, plus I had several quick mini-climaxes in Act III. Every time I tried to write a few pages, I would be thinking, "why bother writing it this way when the previous scene was no longer there/altered." I was--needless to say--very aggravated.

What I finally did was combined the "Bullseye vs Elektra" scene (which was originally the second plot point) and the climax scene (between Bullseye and Daredevil) to make one long scene. Before, I had this (don't no what you would call it) scene where Daredevil finds himself and it just took away from the action of the previous and next scene. So, I moved it back and combined the two action sequences. Don't know if it's going to work until I sit down and read it next week.

The reason I'm waiting to read it is to clear my head and re-focus. There's a lot of "junk" in Act II that I'll have to trim/delete in the third draft plus I need to make sure the narrative line is still intact--or if it's getting all garbled at the end.

I originally wanted Draft #3 to start focusing on individual scenes, giving them subtext, and flesh out the B-storylines but it appears that I'll still be working on the A-story for now.

Anyway, I'll read it next Friday/Saturday and then post my discoveries here on Sunday.

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