..ack! Pass the Kleenex, please.

Finally got hit by ol' man winter and caught the cold everyone--but me--seemed to have. I still managed to get some keystrokes in though this past week. The script is still running near 124 pages. I may have to 86 the cab chase scene between Bulls & DD. Not sure, yet.

Should have this latest draft done by next Sunday.

Was contacted by a gent who might be able to draw some storyboards for the script. I wrote him back and he sent me some samples. I'll let you know what comes about from our discussions. Please note: (writers and non-writers) that a spec script (written on speculation) NEVER, EVER includes any sort of graphics: (storyboards, photos, sketches, etc...). There are certain rules to adhere to regarding proper industry format.

My only interest in the storyboards would be for enhancing the script when it's posted on-line at my site. These images would be for the benefit of web viewers only and would not be used in any sort of marketing/distribution of the script.

A sad note: Film critic Gene Siskel, known for the thumbs-up and thumbs-down reviews he and Roger Ebert shared on their popular TV show, died Saturday. He was 53. You can read the full AP article here:

Gene Siskel

Well, let me get back to the story. Feels like this draft is dragging out--though I'm still on schedule to finish by the end of the month.

...maybe its just this 'cold.' (sniff)

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