A short one this week.

Up to page 70 of the third draft. Just worked on the underground scene between Daredevil and the Kingpin. This is a very important scene and right now (while I feel like I capture the essence of what it should be) the scene needs a lot more thought than I have put into it.

I realized I'm making DD a bit more dark, sinister than earlier drafts. Not that I'm turning his character into a "Wolverine" type personality but I didn't like him making cute remarks while battling ala "Spider-Man." More shadows. More images of his "red eyes." That sort of thing.

As far as my screenwriting readers, this draft is nothing more than chipping down the big block. No polishing. No tightening. Just chipping it down. I hope to get this draft back under the elusive 120 page count. That's probably my biggest concern right now.

I continue to chip away. Less than 2 weeks and another draft will be done. Looks like 3 more drafts will be in order after this one. Maybe 4. Maybe less. Hard to tell at this point of the game.

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