Cruising right along with the third draft. Up to page 35. Only spending about a 1/2 hour a day on each 5 page block as Act I flows nicely and doesn't need much major revisions; a lot of tweaking but nothing like swapping huge sections around. There is one scene where the Deputy Mayor is speaking with someone but I 'm having a hard time with "who" he's speaking to and "why." The scene eventually sets up the next scene which--HEY!-- I've posted here.

It's not the complete scene but just a page to give you a little taste. It's not perfected yet (so please bear that in mind) but a few folks asked to see some more work in progress, so....

Other than that, I'm moving right along. Hopefully, this third draft will iron out the major wrinkles and I can get started with the "fun stuff" (building characters' voices, getting creative in the description of scenes, adding subtexts, foreshadowing, etc.) in the next drafts.

As always, love to hear your comments regarding the new sample page--or for anything else, for that matter.

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