Been a couple weeks since the last post. Been giving my eyes a break from the PC. But I have been hard at work on the latest draft and am very pleased to see my progress.

Revising on paper (as opposed to screen) really makes a big difference; at least for me, that is. I scrapped two scenes (one with DD and Vanessa and the final scene). The final scene seemed a bit Hollywood cliché melodrama fluff.

I was still having a problem with the "heart" of the script: "What is this story about?" I went to see "Shakespeare In Love" a few weeks back and all the time was asking myself -- Why does this film move the audience and how can I get the same feeling in my script? What I did was added an additional scene between Elektra and Matt - a real heart wrencher with a twist. Think DD #181 with the twist doorbell scene from "Silence Of The Lambs."

You're probably thinking--what?? Well, I don't want to give it all away but I added a tearjerker scene to give the audience something to get misty on (hopefully).

I also was thinking about the general audience (the non-comic fans) as to why Matt is Daredevil. What drove to him this? I didn't want to do some cheesy flashback. While in the "comic," Daredevil has been a superhero since his college years (depending on which origin version you go by) and to date still is an active hero. My DD is slightly different as he dons the costume right after Elektra departs several years prior and his superheroing days sort of end with the script.

I'm still working on how DD and Fisk tie in with one another. The common bond is "love for a woman." One man loses love, the other gains, and each action creates a reaction -- which is actually false to their real self and when they experience the opposite (gain love/lose love) their true self comes to light. Confusing? yeah, I know it's 2:30 in the morning and I'm a bit groggy myself.

I may wait another week or so before jumping back on the PC to revise the latest draft but I'll keep you posted.

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