Not exactly a "non-writing" week but I spent this past week re-drafting an earlier script for a friend of mine. This week will focus on revising another script for another reason. Seems like all writers do is rewrite--but that's the nature of the beast. I believe Lucas stated (think he was quoting someone else) that "films are never completed--only abandoned" in his reference to why he went back and revised his original Star Wars trilogy.

Same thing goes for writers. A script is never finished (unless it's bought and produced) and I'm sure I'll be tinkering with the "finished" draft of BLIND JUSTICE in the years to come.

Appears that I'm off my 'nine month per script' deadline. It happens. I still believe its important for a writer to keep a deadline as it keeps them from tossing the script into limbo. That's what I like about these journals as it keeps me working on BJ and not giving up on it.

So stayed tuned. Once I add the revisions I made on paper into the PC, I'll get another sample page up for you. I'll also be able to see more clearly where the next draft will go (as far as revisions) once I print out the script again.

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