What can you copyright...or more importantly, what CAN'T you copyright?

Ideas are something copyright laws don't adhere to. Everyone has them. No one can claim an idea to be original (well, they can claim...) but if you have a script idea, the best way to protect your idea is to put it down on paper. Even if it's only a five page treatment (which can be protected). Folks have asked why I haven't posted more pages (or even the entire script on-line) as I work. Well, simply because it's a work-in-progress and I haven't submitted it yet to the WGA or LOC so anyone could "use" my thoughts or ideas.

So where is this all going? Well, I have a scene in BLIND JUSTICE where Daredevil questions Turk by holding him upside down over a roof's edge. Hardly original. It has been done over and over again in films, books, etc. The other day, I finally got to read the well overdue DD #6 and guess what! If you haven't seen it yet, YES-- there's a scene with DD holding a hood over a roof's edge grilling him for information. Not just any hood but TURK!

So was my idea stolen? Hardly. It just happened both I and Smith & Co. happened to share the same mind waves that day. It happens all the time to lots of people. I thought it was rather humorous myself. Oh well.

Just a word of caution to my fellow writers -- always beware of your ideas. Get protection before opening up the floodgates and letting the whole world know what's on your mind.

Other news: I tracked down a copy of "Marnie." Have to go pick it up today. As I mentioned in one of my early journals, the character Marnie experiences trauma when she sees the color "red" which I hope to play out in Bullseye's character. Also going to be starting the newest draft this week on the PC. Still have to watch the eye strain but I'm planning on 10 pages a day if the headaches don't prevail.

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